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Should I have a summer wedding or do I want to have snow on the mountains in my photos? What is the best time of year to get married in the Southern Lakes of New Zealand?

This is a question we are asked often and the short answer is, any time of year! There are pros and cons to each season so I thought I’d list a few for you below.


Pros: Warmer temperatures, longer daylight hours, a variety of floral availability, summer cocktails!

Cons: Venue availability and choice of date, more expensive accommodation, restrictions on not always being able to book your first choice due to summer being the busiest months of weddings & events in the area.


Pros: Beautiful more settled weather, epic autumn colours, slightly less busy than summer

Cons: You could get an early snowfall, Easter weekend falls in Autumn making it a struggle availability wise


Pros: Snow capped peaks, Heli landings in snow for photos, some venues are only available in winter, cosy fires and candlelight

Cons: It’s cold, very cold!, Snow & cold weather may cause disruption to your ideal plans, more limited in florals available


Pros: More availability than the other seasons, the daylight hours are getting longer

Cons: Winter can hold on and it can still be cold, It can be windy in spring

As you can see there and good and bad things about each season. Weather in the mountains can be very unpredictable and you can have snow on the mountains in summer. Always have a good back up plan no matter what season you choose to marry and remember that on that day you will marry your partner and that is what’s important!

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