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We had a destination wedding in Wanaka in June 2023 – and it was perfect because of Kim from One Fine Day.

 In the lead-up to our wedding, a lot of people asked about how difficult it must have been planning a wedding in a different country – it was in fact, the complete opposite. 

 Kim’s attention to detail is faultless – this is a woman who knows weddings.  She is calm and in control – and gently guided us through the entire process, offering insights that only someone of her calibre could do.  Aside from being incredibly gifted at what she does, she is also just so lovely to work (and have a laugh) with.  It’s also worth calling out that we couldn’t possibly put a value on Kim’s oversight of everything on the day (as well as the day before) – her oversight, leadership, and management is truly priceless. 

We worked with Kylie on styling, and the way she translated our inspiration into an absolutely breathtaking (and unique) aesthetic continues to amaze us as we look back on photos of the day.  Aesthetically speaking, Kim & Kylie’s eye for detail is second to none – if you want a beautiful wedding, look no further.

 We really can’t thank Kim and the team from OFD enough for the absolutely incredible job they did – they made our dream wedding a reality.

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