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Around a year ago a whole lot changed in the little OFD world, we grew up and got ourselves a shiny new image! Lucky for us we found the BEST creative company to take the reins and bring this project home.

Smack Bang Designs are the ladies behind our re-brand which “so far” has seen us with a new logo and business card, an awesome new website and new consultation cards which lets people know all about who we are and what we do! We are still currently working on more design goodness including candle packaging as thank you gifts, floral cards, packaging and more. I’m pretty much hooked now so the list could potentially be getting bigger every day!

Here’s what they had to say about us…

One Fine Day is a bespoke wedding planning service based in the idyllic Queenstown in New Zealand that specialises in organising spectacular, beautiful weddings and events. The branding needed to have the right mix of sophistication, mood and subtlety in order to highlight the luxury of the brand as well as the story and the realness behind it.  Armed with a bounty of amazing, moody images, we set to work on creating a website that would be an experience for the viewer to explore. Large photographs, meandering galleries and subtle type really aims to place the viewer within this breath-taking environment, which lends itself perfectly to destination weddings.

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