Ready to serve, just add hot water and stir with intention. SoulPops are individually packed heart-shaped servings of certified organic Cacao on natural bamboo stirrers.

Convenient and delicious, take your SoulPops anywhere a cup and hot water could be found. Quick and easy at home for busy brides (and grooms) planning weddings with hectic lives. A beautiful heart opener before yoga and meditation practices to keep you calm.

The delicate yet deep flavour of SoulPops Cacao will remain with you long after your ritual is complete.

Your Ritual, Your Way.

Did You Know…

  • Abundant in powerful antioxidants, minerals and essential nutrients.
  • Mood boosting, heart opening and grounding.
  • Can help support cardiovascular wellness and brain health.

About SoulPops Cacao

The journey from cacao bean to SoulPop begins in the Peruvian Amazon where farmers have grown and harvested this sacred plant for thousands of years.

Organic, fair trade and sustainably farmed, each SoulPop is infused with love and positive intentions every step of the way.

Serving Size: 25g per Pop.
Made in Australia from imported and local ingredients.


Disclaimer: Please consult your health professional before consuming if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking antidepressants or affected by low blood pressure or heart conditions.