Yes, If you’re getting married or having a civil union overseas, you usually don’t need to do anything in NZ beforehand — check with the country’s officials if you need to do anything there.
Most overseas marriages are valid in New Zealand. Your marriage will be registered in the country where it takes place.

Anywhere between 6 – 18 months in advance. The more time the better, mainly for your guests so they can make arrangements.

Yes, One Fine Day partners with X Travel allowing us access to special deals, plus we have partnered with many hotels & resorts for group bookings.

Yes, we would love to help with your travel and Honeymoon. Our team have travelled exstensivley and built relationships with the best accommodation providers and activity operators to ensure you have an unforgettable experience!

In a modern world we all have hectic schedules. A destination wedding has fewer time constraints giving you all more time to spend with your family and friends. It’s less stressful as you have a dedicated team planning every detail who will take care so you so you relax and enjoy all the special moments. Choosing a destination wedding is unique to you as a couple as well as having a beautiful romance and is a sure way to create a special and memorable time with your loved ones.

Surprisingly a lot less than a typical wedding at home but all comes down to your chosen destination and guest numbers. Destination weddings tend to be smaller numbers as many won’t be able to travel for some reason or another. 30-50 guests is average and generally we budget around NZD1000 per person.

We have developed three simple packages to make the process straight forward and uncomplicated. Once you have selected your package we will send you a questionnaire to learn all about you, we’ll then schedule an initial call. Based on your requirements we will provide a proposal with an itemised break down of all costs. This will include up to three options, if you require more than three we can add additional options for NZD150 + GST.

Yes absolutely! You can select our consultation package for this. We can arrange a consultation at our studio in Queenstown, or over the telephone. The cost of this service is NZD1000 + GST and gives you professional guidance on wedding planning, travel planning and everything you need to consider when planning a destination wedding. Should you proceed with confirming our services, the NZD1000 consultation fee will be credited back to your account.

We have curated a selection of destinations and partnered with the best in the business knowing we can rely on a professional and well executed experience. Each destination varies, all fees are quoted and charged to your account in NZD (New Zealand Dollars)
For weddings of over 150 guests or to have Kath MacKenzie as your Exclusive Wedding Planner and attendance on your wedding day NZD9000 + GST

For weddings in the Pacific Islands & Asia with under 100 guests our fee is NZD5000 + GST

For weddings in the Europe or the USA with under 100 guests our fee NZD6500 + GST

For Wedding in the Pacific Islands with over 250 guests our fee is NZD8000 + GST
Additional Full Day Event Fee is NZD1,000 + GST
Additional Half Day Event Fee is NZD500 + GST

* All weddings include at least one One Fine Day representative at your wedding coordinating the day.

For weddings in all other destinations with under 100 guests our fee is NZD6000 + GST

For weddings in all other destinations with over 100 guests our fee NZD$7,500 + GST

For weddings in all other destinations with over 250 guests our fee is NZD9,000 + GST

Additional Full Day Event Fee is $1,000 + GST NZD
Additional Half Day Event Fee is $500 + GST NZD

* All weddings in destinations other than the Pacific Islands & Asia will include an industry partner from the country of origin, coordinating the day. It is possible to add a OFD representative for an additional fee.

Depending on your chosen package, the fee covers us planning the entire wedding day with unlimited communication throughout the process. We arrange everything from venue, catering, florals & styling, cake, through to the celebrant, hair & make up and so on. Our experienced staff have relationships with industry experts at all of our destinations, saving you time and allows a stress free planning process. We manage all payments in foreign currency and it includes a OFD representative coordinating the day (if your wedding is in the Pacific Islands or Asia).

If you have chosen our premium package, in addition to the above we plan and arrange all travel, flights, accommodation, transfers, insurance, activities and full itinerary for your entire travel period.

If your wedding is in the Pacific Islands or Asia, YES.
For weddings further afield we have an industry partner on the ground coordinating the day. You can add a OFD representative to your package should you wish us to be present.

Health + Safety

When traveling to a foreign destination, it’s important to research what immunisations or medications are advised. It’s also important to take out a comprehensivetravel insurance policy.

The excitement of your upcoming destination wedding is a wonderful thing. You’ve planned for months, sometimes years for this special day. Travel can have unexpected situations arise and you need to be prepared. Travel insurance can give you the peace of mind that you’re covered for unforeseen costs if the unexpected happens overseas. But with so many options out there, finding the right cover for you isn’t always easy.

It is a requirement for all One Fine Day destination weddings to obtain a travel insurance policy. We can complete this on your behalf.

We have partnered with Southern Cross Travel Insurance to give you the best cover for your requirements.


When travelling to any destination outside of your own country you must be aware of any immunisations or medications required before you travel. Plus be fully aware of what to avoid, whether it be drinking water, mosquitos or any current medical outbreaks.
A full list of countries and useful information is regularly updated here: https://worldwise.co.nzhere.
We urge you to visit your local GP and make an appointment with a travel nurse to provide you with current information.