Why have a Destination Wedding ?

In the modern world, we all have hectic schedules.
Choosing a destination wedding has fewer time constraints giving you more time to spend with your family and friends. It’s less stressful to have a dedicated team planning every detail so you can relax and enjoy all the special moments. A destination wedding is unique to you as a couple, as well as having a beautiful romance about it, and it’s a sure way to create a special and memorable time with your loved ones.

Our Destinations

USA // Palm Springs + Palm Desert

The continent of the USA in North America is so vast that there are many different options to suit a wide variety of couples. As we add to our recommended destinations we have kept the focus on the west of the USA for ease of access to and from New Zealand. From the magical islands of Hawaii for an intimate beach wedding or a celebrity worthy wedding of 70’s glamour of Palms Springs, the options are endless and are quickly becoming popular amongst Kiwis. Suggested locations: Hawaii, Palm Springs. & Joshua Tree, Arizona


Not much could be more romantic than a destination wedding in Europe, a continent full of history, including the location of some of the greatest love stories of all time. Choose from a number of beautiful European wedding venues in France, Italy & the Greek Islands just to name a few. Whether you dream of being married in a Tuscan villa, romantic cathedral, or a medieval castle, Europe has plenty of locations with beautiful venues for any couple's budget. Your European destination wedding ceremony and attire can be as simple or lavish as you wish. Spend your time in Europe taking in the breathtaking views and landscape, visiting amazing historical sights, and enjoying starry nights in the countryside. Suggested locations: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey

We have the pleasure of working along side trusted partners in over 20 destinations worldwide.