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How to achieve bridal skin goals – Thanks to Ivy Clinic Queenstown

When you’re planning a wedding, there is so much to think about: the venue, the dress, what kind of napkins will match your aesthetic (which is where One Fine Day planning services come in!), but with so much on your mind, it’s easy to forget about one of the most important things…your skin.

Having radiant skin that reflects your joy is something that should be addressed long before your make-up session on the big day. “Your skin is the best asset to get right. Great make-up will only cover-up so much, but great skin is priceless” says skin pros Ebony and Kaylie, owners of Queenstown’s hottest new skin and appearance medicine destination, Ivy Clinic.

“The face and dress are the most photographed elements of the day, so invest lavishly in your skin” says Kaylie.

Ivy Clinic are specialists in skin rejuvenation and boutique appearance medicine and launched their treatment menu and clinic in Queenstown in 2018. Not only do these ladies have the knowledge and passion to transform your skin but their clinic is also a luxuriously styled space to host the perfect private pamper party for your bride tribe before the big day.

We chatted to Ebony and Kaylie about how to achieve that bridal glow:

1.What are your biggest tips on how to achieve flawless skin for your big day?

A sound skincare regime is extremely important. We recommend to cleanse, serum and moisturise morning and evening with specifically prescribed skincare to suit your skin. We stock Ultraceuticals and their UltraMD range is amazing. We also recommend regular skin treatments, more specifically peels which improve complexion, texture, and hydration. Our IVY Radiance Plus Skin Workout is the a must have pre-wedding!

2. Is there a recommended timeline to start working on your skin journey? How far in advance should you start thinking about your wedding skin?

 The sooner the better. Whether your wedding is in a year or 2 months – start now. To achieve good skin, you may also need to consider some lifestyle changes such as diet, sun exposure, gut health as well as a commitment to a good skincare regime. Some of these changes take time to put in place so what better time to start than now.

3. Why consider a bespoke skincare plan?

 Everyone’s skin is different therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ skincare plan. To get the best results for your skin we highly recommend a comprehensive consultation with an experienced skin therapist to get an individualised plan to address your specific skin requirements and timeframes.

4. Homecare vs salon treatments – Is it enough to simply up your homecare game? What products do you recommend to achieve the ‘glow’?

 Good home care is a great start and better than nothing. However, the ‘in clinic’ treatments delivered by an experienced therapist with potent products is what is needed to help transform your skin from good to amazing! Our favourite product for ‘that glow’ is the UltraMD Brightening Serum from Ultraceuticals which helps improve texture, clarity, and luminosity.

5. Do you offer treatments to improve dull skin as well as more serious skin concerns?

 The Skin Therapist will align the best treatment to your skin concerns whether it be congestion, uneven tone, dull complexion, dehydration and more. The IVY A-Zyme is a peel that packs the biggest punch and will tackle more serious concerns. We highly recommend an A-Zyme workout followed directly by an LED Light facial which can boost healing and reduce redness and any bacteria under the skin surface.


6. What is the best way to get rid of dark circles? (We know late nights updating seating charts start to take its toll)

 Dark circles under the eyes are a result of dilated blood vessels, combine this with puffiness and the dark circles appear even darker. Long story short, sleep is your best bet, but we are all aware that getting a good night sleep leading up to your big day is a rarity. Therefore, the UltraMD Eye Cream from Ultraceuticals contains amazing vitamins to help strengthen and detoxify the skin around your eyes. Apply your eye cream with a sweeping motion outward will help stimulate lymphatic flow and further boost toxin removal.

7. You also offer appearance medicine options at Ivy – What are your thoughts on this before the big day?

 Yes, yes and yes! Now, this is the real ‘icing on the cake’ when treating concerns of fine lines and wrinkles. Once you’ve got your skincare regime underway, we would definitely recommend a ‘sprinkle’ of anti-wrinkle treatment to help improve a more fresh and youthful appearance specifically in the forehead, frown and crows’ feet area. If you have time, we would definitely suggest trialing an anti-wrinkle treatment (if you are new to it) several months out from the wedding to ensure the treatment dose meets your expectations and then you can get another treatment 10-14 days our from your big day for the absolute best results.

(Shot by Samantha Herewini)

Ivy Clinic offers a range of treatment options and payment plans for our brides.

For our local brideIf it’s your skin you want to prioritise, book an appointment with an experienced skin expert at Ivy Clinic for an in-depth consultation. Work closely with them on a long-term plan and stick with a home skincare regimen for at least 4-6 months.

For our travelling bride– Ivy offers ‘top-up’ and radiance boosting treatments in the short-term lead up to your big day. Also, if you find yourself suffering an unexpected skin issue before the big day, see the Ivy Team.


Ivy Clinic has a special offer for our One Fine Day brides: Use code OFD19 when booking

Exclusive One Fine Day Wedding Skin Workout 75mins

  • Skin Consult
  • Radiance Plus Peel
  • LED light facial
  • NZD$140 (valued at $170)

As well as 10% off additional skin treatments, excluding appearance medicine and product.


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